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Yoga with children has been one of my pet loves since my own children were young.

I have been teaching Yoga to children for over twelve years now.

My own children were the first to begin with me, with their gorgeous friends and friends of friends in Bandon, Co. Cork. Children love Yoga.

Yoga with children is an exploration through our bodies, of the world all around us! It is fun, it is experiential and Children Love Yoga! Childrens Yoga begins in Thurles for all ages soon.

Yoga for Children, ages 4-7 years, in Thurles:

Starts: May 18, 2017

Time: 3:30pm – 4:15pm

Venue: The Angel Shop, Baker Street, Thurles

Cost: €32 for four sessions

Yoga for Children, ages 8-12

Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Venue: The Angel Shop, Baker Street, Thurles

Cost: €35

I have been teaching Yoga to children for over twelve years now.

I use the YogaKids programme, as the foundation of Yoga for children.

The YogaKids programme is based on Howard Gardners theory of multiple intelligences, eight ways in which we understand the world, eight ways in which children learn:

Verbal/linguistic intelligence,

logical/mathematical intelligence,

visual/spatial intelligence,

body/kinesthetic intelligence,

 musical/rhythmic intelligence,

interpersonal intelligence,

intrapersonal intelligence,

naturalist intelligence (which is the latest addition.)

Howard Gardner believes that the more ways information can be processed the more likely it will be to be stored in a variety of networks, allowing it to be readily accessible- we could liken it to cross referencing in the mind.

This theory combined with the Elements of YogaKids, works well in finding ways to stimulate, co-create and transform information in the body and mind.

With my long term background in the YogaKids programme, and a certification in Mindful schools, (I am also over ten years teaching Yoga to adults and teens) I provide age appropriate information for each class or workshop.

I bring broad field of knowledge to the children for learning and exploring their environment and their connection to others and themselves.

yoga for children

yoga for children

Here is an idea of what a Yoga for children class can experience:

  • Yoga postures to explore their connection to their environment as a whole, whether it is through animals, nature, robots, current affairs, school, play, family life and even outerspace.

  • mindfulness tools and what mindfulness is.

  • awareness development including finding self awareness and awareness of others.

  • how to breathe better and why we should.

  • how Yoga becomes a benefit to the body and what different postures do for us.

  • Reading comes alive with Yoga, brings the story to the children through active postures (with sound…gets kind of noisy sometimes!).

  • relaxation, simple visualisations, quiet quests, mind mapping, creative bursts.

Plus I try to set a seed of personal quiet time, its importance at home and how to encourage it to grow in their life. And investigating what that can mean to each of us in our own experience.

Suprisingly all of the above can happen in one class, or just a select few- you never know if the class plan you have will go according to your wishes, but the childrens input is the intervention between the plan or some other direction.

These classes are designed to be fun, creative, high energy and calming by the end….I hope.

The full fee is required to book a child’s place, booking essential.

Contact Marie Mills 086 1778369  

Go gently,

Marie Mills