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Yoga Thurles, mindfulness and postures

Yoga with Marie is designed, over time, to give each student skills to regularly find relief from the ‘busy-ness’ and draining effects of modern living.

 Yoga with Marie works through the systems of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Ayurveda.

Behind her voice and personal experience is a traditional science that will support anyone seeking the gifts of alternative medicine, for whatever reason.

 A Yoga class with Marie is never like the class you may have come to before…

Marie’s classes depend on the needs of the whole group. But within each class Marie works to always ensure there is some:

Foundational skills, gems, quotes and thoughts of Yoga,

Breathing work…

that allow us all to enter a quiet state of the body and mind. Breathing work can also lead us into a moment of real suprise when we are struck at how little we do breathe correctly.

Yoga with Marie teaches all classes how to breathe for best benefit on the nervous system. Breathing correctly will also bring balance to the mind, emotions and decision making power.

 Should the class be in a long term commitment with Marie, they delve deeper to work with disease processes accordingly through breath and mind.

 Asana, posture work…

modifications for all levels and progression from the few sessions before, so each time there is something to investigate in each pose, whether the pose is new or old.

 Awareness, mindfulness, concentration, sensory quieting and sensory focus

all bring us to discover who, what, where, why and how, at this moment, our mind, our thoughts, our feelings and our breath are behaving.

Meditation which can be fleeting and yet in a flash change to be an endless moment of silence, space and connection. 

And also, Marie is happy to offer:

Personal Yoga sessions

Yoga classes to support the body and mind, click here for details

Yoga for sports and flexibility click here

Bespoke Yoga courses with Marie Mills on request, or click here for further details. 

Mindful Yoga courses click here for details.

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Yoga for Teens!

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NOTE: Marie Mills and her website and blog are strictly for information and education. They are not, in any way, advocating for self-exploration of any physical practice without speaking to your doctor about your suitability.