What to bring

Yoga Marie Mills
A purple Yoga mat, on a dark brown wooden floor, with daylight creating moody shadows.

Personal Yoga sessions to cultivate contentment and balance.

What to bring to Yoga with Marie Mills?

  • You will need to wear comfortable loose clothing, such as track suit pants and t-shirt.

  • A small bottle of water.

  • A blanket or towel in the winter to provide warmth for the relaxation and meditation.

  • An open mind and awareness to just this moment.

The Yoga room on Baker street, Thurles, provides :

  • Yoga mats are available in the room (however you are encouraged to bring your own for your comfort and hygeine.)

  • bolsters for meditation, mindfulness and relaxation 

  • optional chairs for mindful Yoga for those who need more support

  • blankets are available.

Go gently, Marie Mills

What to bring

What to bring for Yoga Thurles?