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morning yoga

Morning Yoga with Marie Mills Thurles

Morning Yoga in Thurles has more benefits than most people realise. See the class listing for times and cost, click here.

What you will gain from coming to morning Yoga:

Morning Yoga allows a deeper removal of toxins from the body.

Yoga is great for all body and mind types.

Morning Yoga is ideal for correct breathing which can be integrated into our daily routine for stress relief.

All of Yoga is ideal to begin and maintain weight loss, gaining flexibility and balance at the same time.

When we move the body early, we are setting up a positive environment for the mind to start the day.

Morning Yoga creates focus, these classes require deep awareness in each posture, rather than thinking about what is coming up in your lists of ‘To do..’ for the day.

Mindfulness and awareness are used throughout the class, if you are not familiar with mindfulness, it is awareness with a certain attitude.

The release of good feeling hormones after a warming Yoga practice will put a spring in your step, lightness in your mind, better judgement and your family and friends will no doubt comment on how you are beaming lately!

 Go gently,

Marie Mills