Mindfulness Thurles

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Mindfulness, Thurles

Mindfulness, Thurles

Mindfulness Thurles with Marie offers…

thirty minutes of Yoga postures using mindfulness as the support and focus, and thirty minutes of formal mindfulness practice.

Set classes are ongoing for 2016:

Monday evenings from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, starting  January 18, 2016.

Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, starting  January 19, 2016.

Marie now works in a room designed to give the best experience to all her students, with mats, bolsters and blankets provided, in Bakers street, Thurles. Booking is essential.

Mindfulness Thurles classes and courses with Marie Mills build and develop a formal sitting practice which feeds our daily living mindfulness tools and skills.

Mindfulness is one of the biggest buzz words and hashtags nowadays.

No matter where you go, mindfulness is somewhere, not too far, radio, televisions, newspapers, twitter, facebook, instagram….

And alot of what it is, mindfulness entices in people, coming from its essential nature to slow everything down, even when life is also going very fast.

Mindfulness is not being calm, being good or lying down to be trampled.

On the contrary, mindfulness builds a real sturdy sense of Self.

Mindfulness Thurles begs us to stand up and be seen, to allow ourselves to be frustrated, angry, elated- but within all those emotions and mind states, we allow ourselves kindness through this recognition of what is here and now.

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Contact Marie for further details  email;  marie@yogamariemills.com or  phone  086 1778369

Go gently,

By Marie Mills