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Here are brief descriptions of the class types and courses Kelly Marie is now running, click on the name if you are curious.

Early Morning Yoga…I am open to suggestions of time here! I think a good timely start of 6:30am is the perfect time for a 60 minute Yoga class. And this would leave time to get back home and get all your morning jobs done.

The last few classes have been very full, so if you are interested, contact me as soon as possible. It really is the most advantageous time to practice any physical exertion, before breakfast and before life gets busy.

Morning Yoga…I just love these classes! Of all the class types, I have to say, this is my favourite class, probably because I love mornings, and this is a time when people aren’t just waking up, nor are they frazzled from their day. 

Yoga at this time of 9:30 or 10:30 helps keep the 4pm slump away that  many of us suffer from, known in Ayurveda as a Vata imbalance.

If you do suffer from that awful sneaky afternoon slump,a little Yoga Ayurveda tip… try to take three full breaths with the belly moving away from the body on the in breath and into the body on your out breath. Jumping up and down in one spot for three minutes can shift the energy, or go for a brisk ten minute walk.

Sports and flexibility Yoga…the strongest Yoga class I teach. It is for those who want a challenge in building strength, flexibility and clarity in the mind. We use the tools of mindfulness to create a safe environment for closer examination of the mind/body link.

Bespoke Yoga…just a fancy phrase to say, ‘Yes, I am happy to teach you at a time that will suit all of us.’  These classes work with a large or small group of people, teachers of any school or college after work is a popular series!

Some people do Yoga in their home so their friends come and they have a coffee afterwards. It can become quite relaxed and fun event. This bespoke Yoga is also for those with injury, that prefer to come to me before attending classes, to really learn the basics in unchallenged safety.

Mindfulness Thurles… very popular classes!

Private sessions of Yoga… for those who want an injection of energy towards their own very specific needs from Yoga and Ayurveda health guidance. It is a great way to move forward in a new lifestyle choice, and all who work this way with me, never look back. 

Yoga for children…ages 8-12 years, starting soon!

If you want to suggest further class types or there is  something you wish to be clarified, please email me  at

or ring me on 086-1778369

Sometimes it’s the shopping around, how we shop, the manner in our seeking the right thing, that can teach us more about ourselves than we realise.

Exhale, Yoga often comes and goes in our life, with no big ado when it appears again, but for me, it is an old friend.

Go gently,

Marie Mills