Yoga Thurles Dynamic workshop

Yoga Marie Mills
Yoga posture sitting wide angle

Dynamic Yoga Thurles, Move it!

Dynamic Yoga Thurles? It gets you warm, it also gets you cool.

Sunday morning, October 15, 2017, 10am to 12 noon. 

You feel refreshed and alert, relaxed and alive in every cell. You stretch parts of the body that you may have forgot about, you breathe in a specific way to assist the body and mind. It is for students with general good health. It is for beginners and adept. Moving the body lifts the energy, enhances the mind and awakens our infinite possibilities. As we slow down into restful postures we have time to listen to the body, the mind and most importantly the heart.
Dynamic Yoga…its also Hatha Yoga with the accent on movement, balance and silence.
For further info contact Kelly Marie Mills 086 1778369