Yoga Teens

Yoga Marie Mills

Yoga Teens classes are in Thurles.

Marie Mills is running a series of five one hour Yoga Teens classes

Starts: Thursday, 22 of September 25, 2016.

Venue: The Angel Shop, Thurles,

Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Cost: €45

The aim of every class is to develop skills and tools to use on a regular basis that will have long term effect of creating better balance, even if our life is unbalanced at the time. 

Our Yoga practice is a reflection of how we are ‘in’ our life. Awake? Pro active, re active, passive, avoiding or procrastinating? Using this practice we can discover that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to be.

Whether in a Yoga posture, or washing our hair, we begin to see our patterns, become aware of them more often…such as’ I dont like this shampoo, I want to change it.’ ‘I love this pose I feel so quiet in the posture.’ All are just thoughts, little parts of our personality mind popping up to show us who we are at this time. These precious moments, they are so important when we notice! Its like a hug to ourselves for being ready to see! This moment, it is a chance to find ways to be active and awake in our choices and decisions.

Yoga Teens isn’t new, it is actually quite old. Yoga is medicine. And in India it was, and still is, medicine for the whole family, to prevent illness! Now, for many teenagers it is a part of their school programme or  if not they have a friend or parent who has partaken in a class, so they have heard it talked about. Yoga is familiar these days.

Yoga Teens classes offer:

Yoga postures; difficult and simple.

Mindfulness skills; to bring Awareness into the fore of their daily life.

Relaxation practices and better breathing; to allow them to feel how their body can work with and for their levels of stress and tension.

Plus a broad range of short moments of inquiry and education on different subjects including their views, such as:

What Yoga is, what mindfulness is -what is the difference between both.

What meditation is, what relaxation is and the difference between both.

How stress affects us, and are their ways to work with stress instead of against it?

Nutrition and lifestyle and how to find small ways to care for ourselves.

And most of all we have some fun, some time to invest in ourselves and clarity and what it is we want for our personal future.

 Contact Marie Mills 086-1778369

What we all need is to learn about our breath, our breath is a mirror to our mind and our Heart. kmm

Go gently, Marie Mills