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Ayurveda Testimonials… I tend to take with a pinch of salt, however, all Ayurveda testimonials and testimonials Yoga on this site are from the original author/student, client.

I once lived in Bandon, Co. Cork, now relocated to the lovely town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, so that West Cork reference appears at times.

I am now at the early stages of opening my doors of Ayurveda consultation, Ayurveda treatment and Ayurveda massage in Thurles, at the Health Shop, Baker Street, Thurles and also the Angel shop, Baker street, Thurles.

Ripples are created by movement of energy, in everything we do, we create movement. Even in stillness, there is movement; from others moving towards us, or away from us.

I hope all I do creates/encourages/cultivates vibration of interconnection, non-judgement and a hint of a smile.

“All good things you do create ripples that you may not see, do them anyway. Gail Lynn Goodwin.”

Ayurveda testimonials from Ayurveda nutrition, lifestyle, massage and meditation/mindfulness:


Re: Ayurvedic Massage

I’ll never forget the massage I got at Marie’s. It was without doubt the best massage I’ve ever had, and thats counting

sublime ones in India and Thailand. and I’ve heartily recommended her to family and friends and would love to make

more regular visits- I’d be a much better person!

Chloe Nagle


Re: Ayurvedic Massage & Yoga

The relief I have felt from the type of massage marie give’s is absolutely amazing. It’s the best i have come across to date.

My muscles become intensely tight, painful and i am unable to relax. Ayurvedic massage is hugely beneficial for my well


And also Yoga with Marie has been hugely helpful both at home (when its windy, icy or too cold to walk or surf) or in class

where sharing the experience of yoga and meditation practice is centering, relaxing and a great way to exercise.



Re: Contemporary Yoga & Ayurveda

I have been attending Marie’s yoga classes in Bandon for a couple of years now and I think they are excellent. They are

suitable for beginners as well as advanced students , as Marie allows you to go at your own pace depending on how you

are feeling that day. I always feel very safe under Marie’s instruction and her classes are great fun.

I also received several massage treatment’ s from Marie for a lower back complaint and I would recommend her to


Alexandra Sexton , Macroom.


Re: Ayurvedic Massage

I find a full body massage from Marie is a wonderful way to switch off from the woe’s and worries of the outside world. I

always leave with my spirit lifted and yet relaxed. I recommend it highly as a great way to destress.



Re: Contemporary Yoga & Ayurveda

“This is what a massage is meant to feel like. Relaxing and Re-energising.
As for the yoga practice, I’ve been going for over three years and would never dream of having another guide. Marie is


M. Cotter

Re: Contemporary Ayurveda

“Facials with Marie are worth every second of your time. Each minute is so relaxing and refreshing. Marie is gifted and

calming to be around and I would recommend that everyone takes time to experience a facial with Marie.”

Deirdre Wilmot


Re: Ayurvedic massage

Massage that is a real experience of tender loving care and nurturing. Thanks Marie.



Re: Ayurvedic Massage

Marie Mills can only be described as a unique experience. I had never had a Ayurvedic treatment before and had no

preconceptions about it, or how I would feel afterwards.
All I can say is, if my experience is anything to go by, we should all see Marie every week. During my massage I

experienced different emotions of love, pure joy and at point some sadness. Afterwards I was walking on air for several

days and almost felt re-born. I believe the experience has also stayed with me months afterward and I look forward to my

next massage very much. It is not a massage you get from Marie, it is a unique experience given by a wonderful person.

S. H.

Re: Contemporary Yoga & Ayurveda

A lovely relaxing massage,felt very invigorated afterwards, must have another soon!

K. O’S

Re: Spa Half Day retreat

Thanks Marie, I hope to get a gift voucher from you for a friend, the massage and facial were so lovely. You made such a

retreat with your practice, I would love to be able to treat all my friends, we all deserve a bit of ‘me’ time.



Re: Ayurveda & yoga work & treatments

I met Marie for the first time at one of her Dosha Days. It was a lovely relaxing and informative day with great food. I also

went along to one of her drop in yoga classes, it was very relaxing also. I then visited her at her georgous log cabin at

home to have a full body massage and what a wonderful experience that was. All I can say is she has a magic pair of

hands. It was more than just a massage she also gave me some excellent advise on food and lifestyle that would help my

particular personality. I would definately recommend anyone to go and visit Marie. She is warm, bubbly, positive and

understanding and knows her stuff.

M. McDermott


Re: Ayurvedic Massage & Contemporary yoga

No massage I’ve had would equate to the ayurvedic massages I have received from Marie – each time proved to be a

wonderfully relaxing, therapeutic and invigorating experience. Her holistic approach is second to none – all aspects of the

self (physical, emotional etc.) are catered for by Marie with great care and attention. She is also full of positivity, light and

humour which makes every interaction with her bright and uplifting.

I regularly attend Marie’s dynamic yoga classes which I love because of the perfect mix of dynamic physical activity,

relaxation and meditation. I am constantly recommending her to people both for massage and yoga. Personally, I would

find it hard to go to anybody else for either.

Serena Ní Chorcoráin


Re: Ayurveda massage

I attended Ayurveda massage with Marie Mills on the recommendation of a good friend.
I was given the gift of an Ayurvedic massage as a present; it was a wonderful and thoughtful token that was very

gratefully received.
The whole experience of the massage was lovely. Marie completes an assessment prior to the massage and offers simple

advice that can help to enhance your wellbeing and the whole experience of your Ayurveda massage. The massage itself

is a wonderful experience, thoroughly relaxing and very comfortable. For me the after effects lasted for a good few days

and the helpful advice offered by Marie, still gently echoes with me. I will very happily go back for more!

Jo O’Sullivan


Re: Contemporary Yoga & Ayurveda

Marie is like a tonic, her happy bubbly disposition is infectious, I have just completed Marie’s Yoga classes, to say I feel

like a new person since incorporating Marie’s relaxation techniques and breathing exercises into my daily routine would

be an understatement.
As for Maries infamous massages, if heaven could be bottled this is it! Hot oil, heat packs and Marie’s magic hands, what

more can i say, be prepared to float home after. I highly recommend Marie, she truly is Bandon’s hidden gem.



Re: Contemporary Ayurveda

The best massage I have ever got! As a regular client I find my time with Marie true heaven. Peace, serenity and

relaxation are just a few words to describe the experiences!. Thank you!



Re: Contemporary Yoga & Ayurveda

I have partaken in Marie’s yoga class and found it to be wonderful, I felt energised and refreshed afterward. I have

witnessed Marie giving facial’s and the result is very noticeable. All herbs recommended by Marie are very effective and

she is a wonderful lady to deal with.
I highly recommend anyone suffering from stress of any kind to give Marie and her wonderful Ayurveda magic a chance to


A. Moriarity


P.S. To everyone who Kindly gave their unique impression of my work and our time together, thank you for this. It didn’t need to be done, but word of mouth is powerful energy, and we can all use some mighty powerful energy at times.

Hugs to all,

Marie Mills                      

Ayurveda testimonials

Marie Mills, Yoga & Ayurveda Therapist