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If I were a herb, I would like to be Turmeric. It’s like a Super hero spice.



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There really are only a few herbs and spices that have so much power packed into them… Turmeric has this unusual multiple energy makeup –

Turmeric essence of energy is:

bitter (reducing) pungent (heating) and astringent (cleansing).

Turmeric short term affect on the digestive system is:

warming (not hot…but warm) so is good for indigestion and it also helps balance blood sugar (due to the bitter quality).

Turmeric long term effect on the body is:

pungent (heating). This means with long term use,(more than three to six months) someone who has a lot of heat in their system regularly (hyper acidity, ulcers, reflux)  could feel their inner balance shifting towards more heat if they are not under proper guidance of a health practitioner. However, for a person that has cool and damp energy like the Kapha body type, a daily intake of Turmeric would be of great benefit, and they would notice it quite quickly.

And thats not all Turmeric can provide!

Turmeric is a:

stimulant; increases metabolism and internal heat (both good for excess tissue issues)

alterative; restores the system to default health and cleans the blood(helps the lymph system work better)

antiseptic; super for colds, coughs, congestion

analgesic; has pain relief attributes, such as on sore throats gargled in warm water; applied topically for wounds mixed with aloe gel it helps the swelling and reduces healing time ( I can vouch for both of the above! reduces healing times by a huge amount and reduce scarring to minimal)

it is also anti-parasitic…but I honestly have never had to use it as such with other herbs (thank goodness!)

I take a mix of organic herbs and spice every day for my digestive power (Agni). Loose organic Turmeric is part of that mix.

It is a part of my Ayurvedic diet, to take it before all my meals.

I mix it into a small amount of warm ginger tea and shoot it back. What you take herbs with, and what time, depends on a few factors, so speak to an Ayurvedic therapist before trying it out in any form.

For those beginning to use loose digestive herbs, it good to start small and build up to the more appropriate amount required.

Loose herbs can surprise the palate- in plain english, they can, at the beginning, be almost offensive. Truly, truly gnarly.

We normally ingest herbs and spices in small doses in our diet…and yet here, with this dose of herbs we are taking a mix in one fell swoop straight through the sense of taste, and into the alimentary canal.  It can be a shocker! Plus doing it two to three times a day. Happily, I dont take any notice of taking them now, unless I change the herbs radically.

You can opt for the more modern route, which is to bypass the sense of taste, which is the first port of call for the digestive power/enzyme function to begin to work…normally the taste buds begin and they kick the ball down to the door of the stomach and duodenum to wake them up before the job really begins!

But what harm… so we miss the first stop, yes the Turmeric will have effect on the digestion and will more than likely work wonders. 

But the best action, for faster effect, is to take it loose, and taste its light deep bitterness- a taste we all need to counterbalance the sweet in our life… two of the important group of the Six tastes of Ayurvedic nutrition.

You only have to google Turmeric to find out how many people are suddenly aware of its power. There are tests showing it is significant in reducing tissue build up..this can include excess of any type of tissue.

Modern medicine is only beginning to discover Turmeric’s other powers of healing and whole health.

Ayurveda is a science, not some magic, it has been brought down over thousands of years, it is years ahead of modern medicine in many respects. It understand the body and mind functioning as a WHOLE system.

If you need any help just give me a ring, and most of all please, go gently,

By Marie Mills