Yoga with Marie Mills

Yoga Thurles, mindfulness and postures

  Yoga with Marie is designed, over time, to give each student skills to regularly find relief from the ‘busy-ness’ and draining effects of modern living.  Yoga with Marie works through the systems of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Ayurveda. Behind her voice and personal experience is a traditional science that will support anyone seeking […]

Ayurveda massage treatments

Marie Mills of Contemporary Ayurveda offers Ayurveda massage treatments and various consultations including skincare and beauty, diet and lifestyle services for external recovery as well as internal relaxation and support. Here are some of the services offered: Ayurveda massage and treatments including yoga and meditation, are the application of remedies with the aim to effect […]

Oil is the natural moisturiser

Ayurveda is so simple, oil is the natural moisturiser! The body is a fully functioning organism, everything we ingest, digest, internalise or absorb, the body tries to transform everything to increase functioning power! With this great logic in mind, it stands to reason that what you cannot ingest orally, you should think twice about placing […]