Digestive help

Digestion help is here with Ayurveda and Yoga. Digestion really takes a hit in our life when we are busy and trying to get ‘Everything done.’ Eating on the run has alot to answer for in this modern world. The routine of sitting down to enjoy one solid meal every day is almost a treat […]

Rose Oil

Rose oil for aging skin is a great assistance to protecting our skin from the elements. Yoga does alot of things, but only so much can keep your skin in low maintenance mode. There is a time, where basic maintenance has to be boosted to moderate/DEFCON 3, “…a slightly heightened awareness of defence levels, all […]

Oil is the natural moisturiser

Ayurveda is so simple, oil is the natural moisturiser! The body is a fully functioning organism, everything we ingest, digest, internalise or absorb, the body tries to transform everything to increase functioning power! With this great logic in mind, it stands to reason that what you cannot ingest orally, you should think twice about placing […]