Breathe for balance

Yoga Thurles

Breathe for balance Breathing properly is the best way to receive Prana or Life energy in a Yoga and Ayurveda perspective. In a medical view, correct breathing brings the in the necessary food for the body and mind; oxygen. And also brings about the removal of toxic gaseous residue; carbon dioxide. The tiredness, heaviness and low […]

Loving kindness meditation

Mindful yoga thurles

  Loving kindness meditation adds another dimension to living daily life to best of our ability. This practice is also a large part of embracing mindfulness. It encapsulates all areas of our life, holding life with awareness, letting life grow with intention. Over the past number of days if find myself wishing for those closest […]

Ginger root tea

Ginger root tea is one of the best assistants to removing toxicity from the body. This is one of the most important factors to moving into full health. Ginger root tea is the greatest addition for working on the toxicity of the digestion, adding to the balance of the six tastes for its great pungency. Ginger root tea is […]