Yoga classes

How much

Yoga classes with Marie Mills has turned a brand new corner in Thurles! Click this link to find weekly classes with Marie Mills in Thurles. I am now so happy to be teaching in a beautifully decorated, cleanly designed room, on Baker street, Thurles. This room is ideal for Yoga classes, but also private Yoga […]


If I were a herb, I would like to be Turmeric. It’s like a Super hero spice.     There really are only a few herbs and spices that have so much power packed into them… Turmeric has this unusual multiple energy makeup – Turmeric essence of energy is: bitter (reducing) pungent (heating) and astringent […]

Ginger root tea

Ginger root tea is one of the best assistants to removing toxicity from the body. This is one of the most important factors to moving into full health. Ginger root tea is the greatest addition for working on the toxicity of the digestion, adding to the balance of the six tastes for its great pungency. Ginger root tea is […]