Rose Oil

Rose oil for aging skin is a great assistance to protecting our skin from the elements. Yoga does alot of things, but only so much can keep your skin in low maintenance mode. There is a time, where basic maintenance has to be boosted to moderate/DEFCON 3, “…a slightly heightened awareness of defence levels, all […]

with Gratitude

with gratitude

18/11/2014 I try never to be swept up in what people feel after Yoga. A reminder to us all that what we put into our Yoga practice gives us a deep resource and transformational benefit because of our own work. We may not feel the benefit straight away, it could be weeks/months later suddenly we […]

What does Yoga have to do with…

I ask myself this question regularly : What does Yoga have to do with…. …washing dishes, doing the laundry, driving the car,ie., taxi mom on the road again, food shopping, cleaning the floor, getting to the office, conversing with a friend, standing your ground with a contentious person, texting a friend, a stranger, a lover, […]