Yoga deals with the stress and strains of daily life, that is why it became a part of life in its country of origin, India. It is everyday home medicine.  Yet, if required, Yoga can work with deep imbalances. This traditional medicine is one of self-care and awareness. Simple and complex. It is mindfulness, wakefulness, being present, […]

What does Yoga have to do with…

I ask myself this question regularly : What does Yoga have to do with…. …washing dishes, doing the laundry, driving the car,ie., taxi mom on the road again, food shopping, cleaning the floor, getting to the office, conversing with a friend, standing your ground with a contentious person, texting a friend, a stranger, a lover, […]

Ayurveda Thurles

Ayurveda Thurles

Ayurveda Thurles is now up and running. Marie Mills is now available for Ayurveda Thurles massage treatments and consultations for Lifestyle, Diet, Yoga and meditation, or a combination of all therapies or just a few. Working in the lovely rooms of Health and Harmony on Bakers Street, Thurles and The Angel shop, Baker Street, Thurles. […]