Tongue scraper

a tongue scraper

A tongue scraper is one of the easiest methods to diagnose how your digestive system is running. Ayurveda believes that use of a tongue scraper in the morning, before brushing your teeth will reveal what the toxicity is left from¬†undigested food particles. If these particles are left in the digestive system they can create a […]

Ayurveda massage treatments

Marie Mills of Contemporary Ayurveda offers Ayurveda massage treatments and various consultations including skincare and beauty, diet and lifestyle services for external recovery as well as internal relaxation and support. Here are some of the services offered: Ayurveda massage and treatments including yoga and meditation, are the application of remedies with the aim to effect […]

Loving kindness meditation

Mindful yoga thurles

  Loving kindness meditation adds another dimension to living daily life to best of our ability. This practice is also a large part of embracing mindfulness. It encapsulates all areas of our life, holding life with awareness, letting life grow with intention. Over the past number of days if find myself wishing for those closest […]