Yoga Marie Mills

Yoga deals with the stress and strains of daily life, that is why it became a part of life in its country of origin, India.

It is everyday home medicine. 

Yet, if required, Yoga can work with deep imbalances. This traditional medicine is one of self-care and awareness.

Simple and complex. It is mindfulness, wakefulness, being present, all the over used cliches of the last ten years…Yoga is at the very foundations of these.

Stress if not dealt with in a timely fashion, can escalate into varying levels of physical, emotional and mind based problems.

Such as: anxiety, fear, insomnia, panic attacks, depression, shallow breathing, frustration. There can also be pain in the abdomen or lower back, headaches, digestive problems such as IBS, ulcers, hormonal fluctuations, high blood pressure, and heavy fatigue.

The list is wide and various, there are so many more physical problems that can come from stress, from tension not looked after. Yoga seeks to cut the root cause of distress and use self-awareness combined with self care and mindfulness as the corner stone and gauge for return to balance.

Correct breathing encourages the body to release tension, recover from stress related issues and allow the body to operate at optimum levels.  Breathing correctly is vital and should be taught by a trained teacher, combined with awareness and mindfulness, it is a perfect recipe for stress management.

Yoga postures remove toxicity, strengthen the body and create an avenue for flexibility and natural alignment.

Often students, young or older, feel a sense of relaxed awareness with emotional and mental calm at the end of class. This is not always going to happen because the reality is that Yoga moves out toxicity- but the practices of Yoga encourage balance, breath and clarity, which in our body and mind translates into more space, more time, more calm.

Go gently,

By Marie Mills

Yoga Thurles with Marie Mills is held in a beautiful room on Bakers street, and Marie is open to working in other venues.

Marie also teaches with Self-organised groups, primary, secondary and college teachers, mindfulness for children and teens in school.

Contact Marie Mills 086 1778369