Personal Yoga sessions

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Personal Yoga sessions

Personal Yoga sessions bring about ‘relax and restore.’

Personal Yoga sessions with Marie give support and detailed information and education to integrate a Yoga practice at home, at work and at rest.

Personal Yoga sessions are developed from the needs of the student. Each session and the information given are built around the Ayurvedic and Yoga view. This involves all the varying factors of the students life.

Most importantly, we look at the individuals body and mind type, your lifestyle, work, stress levels, nutrition, activity and what steps you are would like to take to integrate Yoga into a daily routine.

Yoga recognises it is all very personal. Very individual, very unique. And this is how I have been trained.

Yoga is not about being perfect at all things Yoga.

Nor does it mean you have to meditate for three hours…if you don’t like meditation, there is probably a reason, and there are many ways to work for the benefit of each individuals mind and clarity.

If you don’t like movement or are challenged physically, there are modifications, and other recommendations that can be found to suit your body and your needs.

Yoga with Marie is specific to you (click here). And should you choose to move to a group setting after private Yoga tuition, I still try to work with the individual in as much as time and space allow. 

Bringing Yoga into daily life does not have to be a massive Yoga practice every day.

Yoga is simply a way of caring for the body, the mind and the heart so that stability, happiness and contentment grow with ease. With each student I try to establish a foundation of various tools that I call ‘mini Yoga.’ When used consistently on a regular basis have more benefit than a 60 minute Yoga posture practice twice a week!

Personal Yoga sessions can create a smooth transition from the hard working, overactive, stress filled life…towards increased productivity, reduced stress and increased recognition that the pace of each day is your chosen pace. 

A by-product of this will be better physical balance and strength which in turn paves the way for mental discernment and clarity.

Personal Yoga sessions are exactly that, personal and confidential. All the decisions are made by you. Together we invest our time in what will work in your life. I teach you how to receive maximum benefit and you will learn the short term and long term effects.

It is a revelation to many how big or small Yoga can be in each persons life. Some days it is just not possible to get everything in, and time may push out those things which are not a priority. This is where we have an opportunity to set in place some of the various skills of Yoga and Ayurveda to exam old priorities and perhaps establish new ones.

Some practices of Yoga cannot be denied as life changing.

One of them is the benefit of learning how important correct breathing can transform the functioning of the mind and body. 

Secondly, breathing correctly as we practice Yoga postures, as we move in daily activities, as we stand and sit, are all a way to better living. Small but significant. It takes awareness and concentrated focus to breathe and move simultaneously.

And yes, it is true that breathing itself is autonomic, a part of our self regulating system that supports life. However, when we have awareness of our breathing in any given moment, we are working with the mind as much as the body. 

Awareness of the body breathing brings the mind out of the automatic ‘doing’ of our life and into ‘just this moment.’  

Awareness itself has the reciprocal benefit of bringing the body out of autonomic activity, and the mind can help support the self regulating system by offering tools of ‘slow down.’ When we use tools to slow down, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system i.e., the nervous system switch for ‘relaxation and restoration.’

Herein lies the gift of Yoga and Ayurveda.

The mind has the capability to turn on and off certain parts of our nervous system.

Fluxing between a choice of two types…

one prepares us to ‘fight or flight’…

and one prepares us to ‘relax and restore’ …which would you choose on a daily basis?

Personal Yoga sessions work towards finding how best to work with each students mind.

We want to find ways to wake up your ‘relax and restore’ system so it is ready to be accessed and used much sooner than your ‘fight or flight’ system. And in reality, the majority of us have our ‘fight or flight’ system in far too much use already!

Modern daily living is a challenge for all ages. There is often a difficult balance between who we are, how we choose to live, what we choose to believe and the possible priorities we cultivate daily.

Private Yoga sessions have a goal, using the constitutional knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda(click here), to help you find better balance in your body and mind and to support you until you do.


€45 for  45 minutes of Private or semi-private Yoga tuition with Marie Mills, qualified Yoga and Ayurveda teacher.


The Angel Shop, Baker Street, Thurles. Yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are provided.

What to wear? Comfortable clothing, that you may bend, move and relax within. A bottle of water may be necessary depending on your body type.

Group Yoga classes (click here) will also create affirmation of what you have learned and practiced with others students of like minds.

What is Yoga(click here) may help you understand how vast and compassionate the science of Yoga and Ayurveda is.

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go gently,

Marie Mills


Personal Yoga sessions

Personal Yoga sessions to cultivate contentment and balance.