Oil is the natural moisturiser

Yoga Marie Mills

Ayurveda is so simple, oil is the natural moisturiser! The body is a fully functioning organism, everything we ingest, digest, internalise or absorb, the body tries to transform everything to increase functioning power!

With this great logic in mind, it stands to reason that what you cannot ingest orally, you should think twice about placing upon your skin.

Warmed organic oil massage is seen as the first therapy for the majority of ailments, according to Ayurveda, to nurture and restore balance to the depleting attributes that can cause disruption to our body, including pain or illness. Oil is the the natural moisturiser!

‘Auto Abhyanga’ or self oil massage, is often the first therapy prescribed for pain, exhaustion and symptoms associated with stress. It is a simple but profound personal treatment. This practice truly begins Self healing with the strong message that Self care is of primary importance.
This simple Self care routine can be buoyed along with further treatments of Ayurvedic massage and other therapies.

Ayurveda takes the application of body creams and oils very seriously. Skin, being our largest organ, has a huge role to play in our health. It gives us much needed information through the sense of touch and protects our internal body from the environment.

Oil is the natural moisturiser

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Ayurveda believes our skin is critical in our ability to absorb and receive Prana, the Life Force energy that is our vitality and immunity.

Prana is most readily received via healthy skin which is smoothe, supple and moist. Here we find out that oil is the natural moisturiser.

If our skin is dry, lack lustre, rough or dense and congested, Prana intake is blocked or reduced, from either dryness or the build up of excess oily tissue.

As if Prana were rain, rain that falls on a long term drought ridden mud plain, or rain that falls upon the oily feathers of a ducks back- the rain cannot easily be absorbed due to dryness or oil.  Ayurveda says, our skin has a direct link to all the organs, most directly with the Liver…what we put upon our skin is absorbed into the whole body.

You can take it that our skin is a mirror to our internal organs and vise versa, the condition of our internal organs can be seen by the state of our skin…each being a mirror of our life habits and nourishment. Take a look at your skin, and imagine this could be a small clue of your inner health.

Most of all go gently, breathe better, smile more, they help the skin too!

by Marie Mills