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Here is an old Marie-ism to start on the 4th of July 2014– may we all remember our interconnection, that we are all doing our best with what we have been given- here is a part of my best:

What is Yoga?

Yoga is as old as the mountains.

Yoga is originally from India.

Yoga is not a religion, it is Non Denominational.

Yoga encourages Love and Kindness.

Yoga easily translates to all children, teens and adults.

Yoga is a traditional form of Self care and Self help.

Yoga works with our body and mind just as we are today.

Yoga is a form of profound Stress management.

Yoga is relaxing to the body and mind.

Yoga detoxifies the body and mind.

Yoga is energising and transformative.

Yoga is not easy.

Yoga is not hard.

Yoga takes a moment, but you can work at it a Lifetime.

Yoga increases silence in the mind if used regularly.

Yoga uses postures to remove excess gunk out of the body.

Yoga moves us and Stillness is the result.

Yoga uses concentration as a tool and Relaxation is the result.

Yoga uses focus and concentration to build clarity in our thoughts.

Yoga uses Meditation as a tool;

detachment and Liberation are the result.

Yoga increases Self awareness.

Yoga postures work with the physical body.

Yoga works with the overactive mind to develop a resource for our busy life.

Yoga allows you to be stiff, sore, flexible, soft, un-bendy.

Yoga allows you to be bored, hyper-active, distracted, calm, asleep, wired, annoying.

Yoga allows you to be good.

Yoga allows you to be bad.

Yoga allows you to be weird or silly.

Yoga allows you to be all that you are.

Yoga is a way of seeing who we are in our environment.

Yoga is Love.

Yoga is here right now.

Feel your body breathe, inhale, exhale, and a small smile.

Yoga can be big.

Yoga can be tiny.

Yoga sees there is no right or wrong, just different ways of being.

YogaMarieMills, ayurveda, Yoga, food, balance, life

YogaMarieMills, ayurveda, Yoga, food, balance, life

Yoga wants us to be happy, healthy, abundant and Liberated.

Life is challenging, and with tools that support us, it will still be challenging, but we are prepared as best we can. What more can we hope for?

Apart from the unique chance to Open, Exhale and Smile.

We are all in this Life together,

Go gently,