Yoga Marie Mills
Bright green leaves, shadow and light, pockets of shrubs and sunlight.

Marie Mills Yoga and Ayurveda therapist teaching mindfulness meditation in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Mindfulness in Thurles with Marie Mills is based on my personal work and practice. 

  • Mindfulness classes in Thurles are in the shape of formal meditation, slow gentle Yoga postures at times and formal relaxation.

  • Classes take place on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm to 7:30pm

  • A sitting meditation/mindfulness class takes place Saturday mornings at 11am to 11:45am. For all details of start date,times and cost please click here. 

  • Mindfulness reduces our heart rate, it focuses the mind on what is happening now, which helps with our emotional and reactionary states.

  • Mindfulness and meditation are not easy. It is not a magic cure for chronic stress.

  • It is a tool that can reduce stress down to tension.

  • It is about making choices in how you want to feel.

  • It is not a plaster to make things feel better with a kiss.

  • It allows you to feel things without pushing them away or changing them.

  • It is worth the effort in my experience.

I have always used the work of world renowned Mindfulness specialist  Jon-Kabat-Zinn to encourage my own mindfulness and meditation to strengthen.

Mindfulness is a way of experiencing life. The good, the bad, the frustrating and ugly.

Once the tools are instilled into your psyche, through your own hard work and practice, it changes how we view our world. I see it in my students every week. When they are trying to apply it at home, or in work or at leisure…they are getting it sometimes and other times not so well.

Yet most students say they feel different. I tell them they are no longer asleep in the moments they are awake.  It is making a choice to be Awake now. It shows us how much we have missed…in our living, seeing, hearing, sensing. It is not looking for good experience, it is only waiting for experience to arrive in us, as we are, to notice its arrival and departure.

Mindfulness not only increases your focus, it allows you to sustain focus longer. With the facility of sustained focus used regularly, we tend to make better decisions which leads to a world of enhancement in our lives and those lives we touch.

Contact Marie at 086 1778369 for inquiries or bookings.

Go gently,

Marie Mills