Mens Yoga was a man thing

Yoga Marie Mills

Mens Yoga was a ‘man thing’, is now in Thurles on a Monday evening. Click here for times and cost of Yoga for men.

Yoga for men is a great option for those new to a Yoga class, it is geared a little different than a mixed class.

Some men shy from a mixed Yoga class for various reasons. One reason being that the initial contact of Yoga takes us out of our comfort zone. Yoga is different! Without a doubt it turns the tables on how we are all conditioned, learning techniques to develop the body and mind simultaneously.

And if all the ‘new’ isn’t enough to contend with, there is the fact of being surrounded by women. Just those two points combined can add doubt as to whether to attend a class or not.

The popular Yoga image from the media that I would have seen before I did my training, or as my children grew us was aimed at women. It somehow had become a ‘woman thing’.

This perception is so far from the truth,  as the heart of the Yoga community knows that Yoga was originally developed, protected, taught and professed mostly by men. It was sacred to and for men, it was men that used it as a form of martial art. It helped prepare them for the harshness of food and shelter gathering, of combat and survival, developing Prana (Chi) as a means to maintain  the strength of the body, flexibility of the mind for better judgement and purity of the heart for their connection to the gods of their worship at the time. In the beginning Yoga most definately a ‘man thing.’

Enough of the past….Yoga has immediate effects on the body and mind that other physical practices do not have. It has the capability of moving, stretching and strengthening every muscle in the body. More importantly, it helps to relieve the strain of the regularly used muscles, and with daily practice can alleviate the stresses that are put on the body from sports of all kinds. Add to this the incredible stress relief and stress management techniques that Yoga provides, just as part and parcel of its form.

Yoga uses the tool of awareness to create greater focus in the mind, greater focus means we are doing less additional thinking, most of which creates stress and illusion. Awareness is developed with time and practice, and you can use any one thing to practice upon. Breathing is one, the body is another, awareness of the inside muscles at the time of being in a certain posture is another. It varies and is a part of every class.

In my view the most important benefit, after cultivating awareness…is breathing better, for stress relief, for relaxation, for healthy cells and to help remove our mind from a quagmire of overactive thinking. To me it is a no brainer for all men to step up and try it out, for at the very least six sessions in a row.

Mens Yoga was a man thing, but now it is inclusive to all, children, teens, women and men. There are multiple reasons why this activity is so compatible to all, but everyone has to try it out to understand its expansive nature. If you hope to try, then consider to add an intention that staying the course is a part of the learning.

Once there is a group of four to five men, a Mens Yoga class can run.  Or if you have a group that prefer to work on a different night, contact Marie Mills for further details.  086-1778369

My next blog post will be on Yoga benefits for men in particular with an Ayurveda view mixed in it.

Go gently,

Marie Mills