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Yoga for better breathing & Balance

Bandon Yoga, Co. Cork for better breathing and balance with Marie Mills, a workshop for everyone to enjoy.

Join Marie in this Yoga workshop to instill better breathing habits for our daily life.

When we breathe better, life becomes just that little bit softer. The inconsistencies in our life are not as problematic because we are feel less reactive. It is a beautiful gift.

Imagine learning something that will help you move into a quieter place when life becomes manic and chaotic. 

There will also be postures to open the lungs and postures to allow as much release in the exhale as possible. It is a process of learning and co-operating with the information from your body, and also watching the restriction our mind can create in this filling and emptying practice.

The use of better breathing practices has the result of balance. It does take time. It does take effort. It is simple and it is difficult.

But it is medicine.

Probably the best medicine in the world.


DATE: Sunday February 12, 2017

VENUE:  Bandon Naionra, Bandon GAA pavillion, Co. Cork.

TIME: 10 am to 12 noon

COST: €25

BRING: Your own bottle of water. A blanket and a Yoga mat and a bolster if possible.

You can borrow a mat from Marie on request.

Without breath, there is no life.

Go gently, 

Kelly Marie Mills

Marie Mills a is an accredited SYT, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK.

Marie Mills Yoga Alliance SYT

Marie Mills, accredited Yoga Alliance SYT