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Rose oil, Marie Mills

Rose oil, Marie Mills

Rose oil for aging skin is a great assistance to protecting our skin from the elements.

Yoga does alot of things, but only so much can keep your skin in low maintenance mode. There is a time, where basic maintenance has to be boosted to moderate/DEFCON 3, “…a slightly heightened awareness of defence levels, all activities resume.”

For me, now is the time. Between nutrition, lifestyle patterns, bad habits, good habits, past events and past choices, my skin is a tell tale sign, and this Rose oil has made a difference over the past number of weeks.

I have only in the last year taken the step to purchase a serum, from a very nice organic company.

The serum, by far, is a better product, in my view, and more convincing that the moisturiser of the same company. I am sure it knew what to do with my skin. I used it everyday, and sometimes twice a day…

but always with the same Ayurvedic mini facial routine…

A face cloth in moderate to hot water, wipe my face clean. Pat dry face, apply serum to face, neck and chest. Heat towel again, place slightly damp facecloth on my face, neck and chest… Ayurveda says this allows the cells/tissues to open and receive and soak in more of the oil. Apply moisturiser. Perfectly protected and nourished for the day…well most of.

The sister to the serum, the moisturiser, honestly felt like it was happier in the jar and preferred to stay there. It didn’t want to work for the money, and if it did want to work, limp and listless, I didn’t feel like it was doing a lot to protect my face from the elements of winter and the changes of spring.

I have strayed from my purpose of this post… I decided to do as I always do and find another way. I want to nourish my skin, but in a way that I have a chance to understand the ingredients and perhaps even replicate it if I had a mind to.

Plus, there is no harm in finding something gentler on the pocket too, especially if it is a hidden gem that works equally as well.

And with respect, the first serum I mentioned was well worth the moderate cost.

However, I then found this Rose oil. To be succinct…Atlantic Aromatics Rose in Almond Oil (available in 50ml).

It is a blend of their own rich Almond oil as the base, with the aromatics of Rose Otto (Rosa Centifolia) and Rose Absolute (Rosa Damscena) both of which are a glorious shade of pink, as far as I am aware of.

I give myself a regular mini facial (as above) in the morning, moving around the facial marma points.

There is an initial splurge of cozy warmth oozing into my skin, with my sense of smell plunged into a vast and delightful summer Rose garden.

It feels like a special treat, I dont know if it holds the secret to forever young skin, limitless elasticity of our older cells, with a garden of Eden waiting and whatever else the majority of serums hope to give us,

but this Rose oil is sold as Rose with Almond oil, massage blend. Simple…pure and simple. It is what it says.

From what I see, serums sell for their extra special anti-aging, anti-oxidant qualities, with small molecules to fit into the tissues more readily than a moisturiser…

Anti-aging… I just don’t understand this phrase…

I feel it’s like getting a ticket to a great gig, you somehow end up at the stage entrance, you even suddenly get invited to meet the musicians, and you decide its all too much, you turn around to go back out the entrance gates!

Anti-oxidants taken internally, like vitamin C, will do more for the your skin and whole body effect. See my link Autumn tonic for an easy answer.

Small molecules? Truly, the best way to have a fast effect in the skin is with those oils that are from nature, unadulterated, organic, virgin and first pressed. Sesame, Almond, Coconut, Olive….all truly from nature, use one of these on your skin and you will definitely feel and see results.

Ayurveda says..

Our skin is the first protection from our environment.

To protect us optimally, our skin needs to be supple and moist. We need to oil our skin every day before a shower if possible. We need to remain vigilant to what we place on our skin, to be aware of the short term effect and the if using for a period of time, the long term effect is even more valid.

(I will not cover it here but according to Ayurveda, aromatherapy is about our sense of smell.)

Long term effect of a Rose oil according to Ayurveda:

The colour of the roses used determines the long term effect on the skin-

Red is most warming/benefits Vata most, yellow is heating /benefits Kapha most and white is neutral to cool/benefits Pitta most.

Almond oil as the base is ideal for Vata type skin, it has all the nourishing attributes that Vata needs…warming, spreading, unctuous, nourishing, the warmth is good for Kapha too.

The long term effect of the pink rose being slightly warm to cool for the Pitta dosha. So if there is excess heat in the skin already this oil will have to monitored while being used.

Amount to use:

Kapha type wont need to use as much oil; their own skin nature is damp.

Vata will use the most as their skin is dry and rough.

Pitta have oily skin or a mix, so should not put excess on, too much will create a problem.

If you have heat in your skin, or psoriasis, then it is important you do a patch test somewhere less obvious than your face. It is something all of us should do so when trying anything new on our skin.

Pitta skin problems from eczema to psoriasis and worse, skincare can be a struggle and often is upsetting for the individuals.

To help my past clients, I recommend gentle Yoga, relaxation, meditation, marma massage and a highly recommended Homeopath. Homeopathy has great results with the imbalances of skin. Contact Marie for a highly recommended Homeopath, who is also a GP.

Wish list and last comments:

The one thing I wished for when I used the Rose with Almond oil, was a wee little pump in the bottle.

But that is a small thing, Atlantic Aromatics keep their prices low, it’s about quality and they have plenty of it. Their other products are also worth checking out, most especially I recommend their certified organic Rosewater.

All my Ayurveda massage clients enjoy this on eye pads and also as a spritzer at the end of massage.

The organic Lavender water is equally fab.

The packaging, the literature, the hard sell are all limited from this company. This, to me says a lot and is a major bonus.

You can purchase a pump for their bottles at most Health shops, such as Health and Harmony, Baker street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary or at An Tobairin, Bandon, Co. Cork.

Go gently, in Roses or not,

Marie Mills

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