Loving kindness meditation

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Mindfulness with Loving Kindness

Mindfulness with Loving Kindness


Loving kindness meditation adds another dimension to living daily life to best of our ability.

This practice is also a large part of embracing mindfulness. It encapsulates all areas of our life, holding life with awareness, letting life grow with intention.

Over the past number of days if find myself wishing for those closest to me to find calm, peace, security and Joy, not only over the next few days, but as a foundation of their life.

I find myself turning once again to the one of the most known forms of loving kindness meditation, of mindfulness intention and prayer; known as Metta Bhavana.

If you have a desire to Love others close by or far away in distance or mind, and if you wish to find a way to fulfill your purpose in your life then this loving kindness meditation is well worth doing…you cant really understand its power until you bring it into your life for a few weeks.

It does help to write this down on a note card and place it in the kitchen or in the car. This will help to remind you of the words, and allows this repetitive phrase become your personal background noise… it will come easily with brief but consistent practice.

Metta, Loving Kindness meditation, is a rotation of consciousness and heart. It acknowledges the energetic movement in our life, and welcomes the innate nature of humanity, to love and to be loved.

Our life moves from a pivotal point- Me, myself! Only then does my awareness move to others outside of me. Yet curiously, when we attend kindness to ourselves, it sometimes feels uncomfortable. So in the beginning you decide which you want to use. It is up to you, because as we care for others, we are also caring for ourselves in a roundabout way. 


Here are the words, changing from subjectivity of me, myself, I, there is a chance to move your thoughts from Self to others and back again. 


Here is just one, of many, wonderful Mindfulness loving kindness scripts.


May I be filled with Loving Kindness,

May I be well,

May I be Peaceful and at ease.

May I be happy.

(Each round said three times, with connection and expression to the words.)

Now move your mind to someone outside of yourself….

May he/she/they be filled with Loving Kindness.

May he/she/they be well.

May he/she/they be Peaceful and at Ease.

May he/she/they be happy.

(Each round said three times, with connection and expression to the words.)

Exhale, with a hint of a smile,

Go gently,

Marie Mills