Yoga Marie Mills
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Lets link and find a way to make things better.

Lets link and remember we are all in this life togther!

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  • – A soulful way of working with yoga, movement and dance to develop the heart and inner voice.

  • – For my mother. An artist, wife, mother, she was extraordinary and a genius. Her life was devoted to her deep belief in God, and to relay the beauty of his/her essence in her work. And she did it superbly. I was fortunate to sit on a chair behind her or next to her for many years and watch your mastery of Love unfold. Enjoy.


  • an inspiring teacher, Vaidya Atreya Smith, of the European Institute of Vedic Studies, that is dedicated to making ayurveda practical for the modern age.

  • – also known as ARCHTI, bringing Therapists from the Four Corners of Ireland Together, a great effort to bring quality therapists under one umbrella, thank you ARCHTI

  • – Irish Massage Therapist Association, maintaining a national register of professional members, ensuring standards of training among members.