Fast food

Yoga Marie Mills
Fast food

Kitcharee, Fast food thats good for you!

Kitcharee, fast food that’s good for you!

This light, nutritious, easily prepared meal, made from split yellow mung dahl or red lentils, is balancing for all body-types.

It can be tailored to your own individual tastes through the judicious use of herbs and spices. It is fast food at home!

If you are looking for an easy meal, that provides much of the nutrition of meat, this is one to try.

Brown or white rice, can be used, but white rice cooks faster for the hungrier body types who need food fast (Pitta types have a hungry appetite)!

If you decide to use brown rice, which has more roughage and is warming for the winter months, you need to change the amount of water to 11 ounces and follow the directions after  the **.

This portion is for one person who is very hungry, for me there is normally about 1/4 left over, and it is the best fast food I ever had.


1/2 tsp ghee
3 oz white basmati rice
1 oz red lentils or split yellow mung dal(try both! Some people can digest the yellow dahl easier than the lentils)
1/4 tsp each of cumin, fennel, coriander… or for those who tend to be colder in their body use about six of the inner black seeds of caradamom pods.
8 oz water


Melt the ghee or butter in small saucepan on a medium heat (ghee has the highest burn point of all oils so is best for the body).
add the spices.
Cook for a few minutes and then turn the heat to low. Stir and mix the spices with the rice and lentils.
Add the water.
**Bring to the boil or high simmer until the water is at the level of the rice and lentils/dal. (it goes fast so stay close by!)
Turn down the heat to the lowest, cover with a solid lid.
Red lentils will only take no more than 15 minutes to cook, until soft. Split yellow dal will take a few minutes longer. (PLEASE NOTE this yellow split dahl is NOT split yellow peas- they are a different form of pulses)

Serve with a colourful mix of vegetables such as broccoli and carrots or courgettes and onion.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
If you want it jazzed up add a small amount of little creamed coconut or sprinkle with freshly
chopped coriander for extra flavour.

Literally a meal in a pot! Fast food with a smile!

Go gently,

Marie Mills