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Ayurveda says eating with taste increases health and balance

Eating with Taste ?

The science of the Ayurveda six tastes says that every

substance and personal constitution is a combination of all or a few of the

basic five elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

This ancient knowledge offers us an oppurtunity to make wiser choices, with better

and often faster results for healing our personal body and mind type.

Eating with taste, the Ayurveda six tastes, is one of the first steps for inner healing, with choices you make. Let your food choices be your daily medicine.

So how can we achieve balance in our choice of foods?

There are three body constitutions according to Ayurveda, they are made from a combination of the 5 elements, each creates a certain form of energy:

Vata consists of Space and Air, the energy created from this combiniation is Movement

Pitta consists of  Fire and Water; the energy created from this combiniation is Heat or Transformation

Kapha consists of Water and Earth; the energy created from this combination is Cohesion and Support

This information gives us the knowledge of how our body type can show as balanced or unbalanced. Working alongside an Ayurvedic practitioner or therapist is always advised to receive the gentlest and best way into balance.

For example;

if there is excess movement, like a twitch or alot of giggling, or the mind over active, this is Vata moving high.
Or Pitta, if there is excess heat/bile in the digestion, we could get acid reflux, ulcers or indigestion with heat.
Or for Kapha which translates into phlegm, so we could get a sinus problem or a build up of extra tissue or weight.

So if we have an imbalance, or want to tweak our diet for maintenance- we need to apply a rule of Ayurveda to our food choices.

Ayurveda that says “Like increases Like and opposites reduce.”

What does that mean?

Eating with taste, or following the Ayurveda six tastes, allows us to work out what food types will increase or decrease our imbalance.

Below are the attributes (what is within each) of each dosha and what types of food could help reduce imbalances.
(This is in its utmost simplicity, please note: ALL six tastes are required on a daily basis for correct functioning of the digestion and body balance) :

For Vata to counter act its attributes of dry,cold, light, we need warming, oily foods and regulated meal times

For Pitta to counteract its attributes of hot, spreading, oily, we need neutral, cooling, stable foods

For Kapha  to counteract its attributes of heavy, cool, oily, we need warm, dry, light, warming to spicy foods

If you can take note of those simple rules, you will be away on a hack to improving your digestive power, which will help remove

toxicity. Once we can remove some of the toxins, balance is a step closer.

For further detailed information on Eating with taste or the Ayurvedic six tastes click here.

Ayurveda six tastes

Ayurveda six tastes

Note: Ayurveda considers food as medicine. Be discerning when changing your diet. Offer alot of respect and awareness to how your body feels inwardly and as a whole functioning system.

These tools work and it is always best to work alongside an Ayurvedic practitioner or therapist to receive guidance and education.

An Ayurvedic diet consultation with Marie will give you education and a new view as to how to care for your body and mind.  Contact Marie direct at 086-1778369

Go gently,
Marie Mills