Early morning Yoga

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Early morning Yoga? We can all change our pace of living if we begin to practice some form of physical exercise early in the morning.

Early morning Yoga starts at 6:30am in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

This could be an option for you to gently and methodically come into a new summer body and mind.

So for clarity about why early morning Yoga should get you out of bed…

Early morning Yoga allows a deeper removal of toxins from the body,

especially those in the digestive system and joints. As we move the body and work with our breathing we aid in its natural morning function to expel waste products. Most toxins, Ayurveda says, come from food particles that are not digested for various reasons. These toxic particles clog the optimal functioning of the body and lay waste around the weaker areas of each individuals system.

Early morning Yoga expels these particles, in a slow but sure way. Drinking a mug or two of warm water before early morning Yoga assists this toxin removal. Kelly Marie can advise you on herbal supplements that will also help should you come to an Ayurvedic consultation for weight loss or digestive problems.

Early morning Yoga is the ideal environment to develop correct breathing for the day ahead. Yoga reminds us that without correct breathing nothing will work to its best level. This fact also includes the functioning of the mind and better decision making. We can work with daily tension and stress when our mind is open and relaxed, and Yoga gives us this.

Early morning Yoga is the perfect way to begin slow weight loss and at the same time gain flexibility and balance. Kelly Marie can advise you on Ayurvedic supplements that assist in reduction of excess tissue, either home remedies that are effective or herbal treatments for your specific dosha imbalance.

These classes may even spur you on to begin a small Yoga sequence at home. Yoga at home is really what tones the muscles and builds a solid foundation of physical awareness and wellness. And remember, Yoga at home can be a series of four sun salutes first thing in the morning, all of 10 to 12 minutes!

When we move the body early, we are setting up a positive environment for the mind to start the day. Mindful awareness is used throughout each class, if you are not familiar with mindfulness, it is awareness with a certain attitude.

Early morning Yoga draws the mind inward at the perfect time, before daily chores and hassle encroach on our lives. These classes encourage awareness a new approach to our morning routine.

The release of good feeling hormones after a warming Yoga practice will put a spring in your step, increase your immune system function, soothe your nervous system, create lightness in your mind, and your family and friends will no doubt comment on how you are beaming with freshness.

Early morning Yoga will probably make you want to come twice a week at a 20% discount for the new May 2017 series!

And if you need some time to restore and help the body re-balance from a long hard week, there is nothing more special than an Ayurvedic massage or treatment according to your body and mind type. 

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Go gently,

Marie Mills