Digestive problems

Yoga Marie Mills

Do you have digestive problems?

Here are some easy things to do to begin to find a way to rebalance. 

I realised recently that everything I teach and have learned has its foundation in balancing Agni… our digestive performance, Agni,  is a telltale sign to how we feel on a daily basis. 
The Agni I refer to so liberally in my Yoga classes and Ayurvedic education is the digestive fire that is within every dhatu(tissue), it is the cellular power to transform nutritional sources. We need to find ways to keep our digestive power fired up to keep balance.

The Remedy?

If you can pick three of these recommendations, and work on them for two weeks, you should, notice a difference in your digestive problems.

Nutrition: We can improve our digestive problems in a ten simple ways.

1 Never ever drink ice cold or very cold beverages at meal time. And to be honest, very cold drinks at any time create Agni imbalance. It has the same effect as putting a bucket of water on a fire. Tepid or room temperature drinks are the best to aid Agni at meal time.

2 The amount we eat is very important, as I have demonstrated in digestive help, click here to view the picture of the amount we should eat. It is said in Ayurveda that once a burp appears,we have reached fullness that allows digestion to be facilitated completely.

3 Again, Chew Chew Chew. A simple rule of correct digestion. Chew again. And in the Chewing process, breathe and feed the body and a then hint of a smile.

4 Eat with gratitude and in an environment that is pleasant and nourishing. If in company, make sure you eat with people you like, emotional and or mental tension dampens Agni as fast as ice cold water, and here digestive problems can begin.
After the meal, sit and be still for at least three minutes. Just to wait, digest, appreciate and allow the Agni to work. Placing your hand on your belly will help bring focus and mindfulness into the digestive power.

And smile, your body intelligence is amazing.

5 To eat less red meat, as this is the hardest to digest and takes 72 hours…three days to got through the system!

Try to eat less meat every day. Most people forget they have ham at lunch, or some sort of meat. It is beneficial to become vegetarian a few days a week…or at least try one day a week, it can test your skills of ingenuity at the start, but is so much easier on our Agni.

Eat more grains, rice of all sorts, couscous, bulgar, millet, quinoa!

Eat less ‘White’ foods…such as breads, dairy, sugary foods.

We all know the list, these foods are the best culprits to imbalance Agni/ digestive enzymes.

Modern bread and dairy have this sticky oily quality within them that is hard to digest. If milk is in its full natural form it has the enzymes to help our body digest it completely, but modern tecnniques have removed these essential qualities, leaving only those with a super digestive power to be able to digest modern daily produce.

The best time to eat such foods, is when Agni is highest…most often in the morning or the midday meal.

Using whole foods when we can, will allow us to bring in more Prana/Lifes energy, this will assist our Agni too.

Processed foods remove alot of the natural digesting process.  They also add complicated issues for Agni, such as excess sugars, salt and additives.

Foods that have been stored for a long time is a concern in Ayurveda. The reason for eating is to receive the foods natural energy.

6 Use spices in your food or loose before meals to help Agni power. The lengthy list of attributes for turmeric, ginger, cumin, fennel just goes on. We can try them as a digestive aid in a small warm shot of water before meals. Most people would be up for using spices to to flavour your grains as simple option. (If you need some help or ideas how to do this email me.)

7 To assist Agni, or digestive function, whether it runs high, low or variable, making soups and stews is one way to ease the digestion.

A slow cooking soup or stew allows a part of the digestive process to start before we eat, as it begins the transformation process in the pot. And best of all, the foods transfer, connect and combine their energetic properties, so that, again, our digestion does not need to work harder, and if there is ama present this is an essential practice.

8 Be hungry for your meals is important. Let your digestion have a rest between meals.
We should know what it is like to be a little hungry, this is the time that the digestive fire is preparing to build power for the next meal, to burn, assimilate and transform.

Three timely meals a day is giving Agni the time and space to complete its functions, with time for preparation of the next day.

9 Chyawanprash between meals, click here for more information.  Chyawanprash is superb for those that find themselves seeking to snack in the day, it helps to curb cravings and hunger, balances blood sugar levels, is good for all body types. It also increases our Ojas, immune system, with its main ingredient, the powerful Indian Gooseberry, the largest natural source of vitamin C. Click here for more information on this wonderful tonic.

10 Moving the body in some form for thirty minutes at least 3 times a week can help balance Agni function.

Yoga asana/posture practice is to balance Agni. The folding, bending and stretching of the joints and the centre of the body increase Agni and remove toxicity from joints and digestive system.

Digestive problems? Not any more! contact Marie for a consultation on your diet and lifestyle for more clarity! 0861778369

If you have questions, do please ask, and I will try to clarify a very in depth subject.

Go gently,

Marie Mills

Text ©2012 by Marie Mills