Mens Yoga was a man thing

Black and white photo of mens yoga was a man thing of men in Twisted triangle posture in tracksuits and t shirts.

Mens Yoga was a ‘man thing’, is now in Thurles on a Monday evening. Click here for times and cost of Yoga for men. Yoga for men is a great option for those new to a Yoga class, it is geared a little different than a mixed class. Some men shy from a mixed Yoga […]

Social Media vs Yoga

young person wearing a red checked short sleeve shirt, with computer, on social media,

Social media vs Yoga? I feel the challenge for this modern world is to be prepared to be Silent, to be seen in quiet, to try and resist the need to answer that phone call, to respond to that text. When did our communication become so urgent? I often wonder have we all been silent […]

Yoga Teens

Teens waiting for a Yoga class to start, sitting on a bench with cream tiles, and shoes and boots, and jeans.

Yoga Teens classes are in Thurles. Marie Mills is running a series of five one hour Yoga Teens classes Starts: Thursday, 22 of September 25, 2016. Venue: The Angel Shop, Thurles, Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm Cost: €45 The aim of every class is to develop skills and tools to use on a regular basis that will […]