Tongue scrapers

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Tongue scrapers for alimentary canal health

Tongue scrapers for alimentary canal health

Tongue scrapers are one of the easiest methods to diagnose how your digestive system is running. Ayurveda believes that what is on the tongue in the morning, before brushing your teeth is ama /toxicity coming from undigested food particles. If these particles are left in the digestive system they can create a very slow process of dysfunction.

Tongue scrapers show you what is on your tongue clearly. The tongue scrapers gather the coating on your tongue and allow you to see if your digestion is variable, fast, slow or balanced. With this knowledge of how the digestive system works, it guides us to a conclusion, we can then decide a plan of action to assist the body into better functioning.

Tongue scrapers are essential to good digestive health..they also help with halitosis, bad breath and sense of taste.

Use firmly on your tongue, going as far back as you can, which may create a small gag reflex, but the more you use tongue scrapers the more you will get used to the correct method of use.

Good solid stainless steel tongue scrapers, suitable for all body types/doshas,  for sale from Marie Mills for €5 each.

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