Ayurvedic diet consultation

Yoga Marie Mills
Ayurveda shows us how to eat good food, in a beautiful setting in nature with enjoyable company

Ayurveda diet and lifestyle educates us on how to work with our unique dosha, for our growth and happiness.

Be inspired into balance by wisdom as old as the hills, try an Ayurvedic diet consultation.

Your Ayurvedic personal body type, your diet and lifestyle are interconnected, when we look at one, we look at the others simultaneously. It’s important to see the whole picture.

Venue: The Angel Shop, Baker street, Thurles

Costs: Initial Ayurvedic Diet Consultation: 60- 90 minutes €70

Maintenance Consultation and further information: 50 minutes €50

The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround So what does an Ayurvedic diet consultation involve?

  • We identify your Ayurvedic personal body type, prakriti, your dosha as well as identifying your initial imbalance, vikriti.

  • The details of your lifestyle and your diet as it is now, and as it was as a child are detailed.

  • We combine the first and second to develop the goal, conclusion, recommendations and optional treatments. 

 This is constitutional medicine. Ayurveda, is the traditional science of the body from India. It is the sister to Yoga, the science of the mind and Spirit. Yoga and Ayurveda were developed to work in tandem, together they can create a sense of living in deep happiness, beyond contentment and confusion.

Ayurveda seeks to provide a state of Health and freedom from disease.

Go gently,

Marie Mills