Ayurvedic body massage treatments

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A shelf with small votive candles lighting to create a quiet ambience in the room.

Ayurvedic massage treatments for women using candles to keep the eyes relaxed.

Ayurvedic body massage treatments in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Warmed Ayurveda dosha balancing oils, specific for each body type,  are used for all Ayurveda body massage treatments except Pranic massage. 

Please note: Marie Mills reserves the right to change a treatment according to what is presenting at the time. The client is welcome to cancel or reschedule if a change of treatment is necessary.

 Ayurvedic body massage treatments:

 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround Whole body massage/ Traditional Abhyanga 

Please note: This treatment is specific for female clients only

  • Duration – to 90 minutes €70

  • This is the first treatment to relieve stress, anxiety and imbalance.

  • Warmed oil soothes the nervous system as the repetitive action of the Ayurveda body massage creates a softening to the jarring of daily living.

  • Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.  

  • Balances energy levels and muscle fatigue

  • Corrects dryness in the body.  

To receive best outcome, this treatment is recommended to be a series of three within three weeks. A discount of %10 shall apply on the third treatment within three weeks.

 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround Ayurvedic Back massage incl. head, neck, shoulders 

  • Duration 70 minutes, €60

  • Duration 30 minutes €35

 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround Deha Mardanam/sport massage

  • Detoxifying and lightening, great for sports people. A revitalising ‘pick me up’ massage. 

  • Strong and accelerated Ayurvedic body massage to remove congestion and blockages.

  •  Highly recommended to remove dullness and fatigue from the body or in the mind.

  • Kapha dosha or Kapha imbalance would benefit. 

This massage is not meant for some body types due to the heavy pressure and speed of the treatment.

  • 45-60 minutes €60

  • 30-45 minutes €50


 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround Acupressure massage/marma massage 

  • A massage of the energetic acupressure points of the body.

  • It helps release mental and physical blocked energy.

  • Removes toxicity, reduces anxiety, insomnia and improves lymphatic flow.

  • Good for specific ailments or a general treatment for rebalancing Prana.

  • Duration 75-90 minutes €75


 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backroundChakra balance massage

A warm oil massage for the whole body with focus on the system of the Chakra’s and their unique functioning system.

  • Duration 60 minutes €60


 The Om symbol, in simple black with a white backround The add on for all dosha’s to any massage treatment:

Karan purana simply put #fortheearsthehearingandthethinking

This warmed oil treatment can be included in any of the massage therapies but cannot be done as a stand alone treatment. warming, balancing and soothing. Helps with tinitus and hearing reduction, repeat visits required.

You may add this treatment to any of the massage therapies.

  • Duration 20 minutes €20


You cant decide? Generally the best ‘first’ massage is the Traditional Abhyanga. You won’t regret it.

If you need further advice or you are a male client, just give me a quick call and we can discuss what will suit you best at this time.

Ayurvedic body massage treatments are medicine…they are a remedy for the imbalance, so they are not a treat. These cultivate happiness by correcting the energetic flow in your body, therefore, in your life. So give yourself some medicine every month, feel the benefit of the energy flowing correctly, the Prana moving to and from your Heart.

Feel happiness expand and grow and be sustained.

What better way to offer help, than offering your hands to someone? kmm

Go gently,

Marie Mills