Ayurveda Thurles

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Ayurveda Thurles

Ayurveda Thurles

Ayurveda Thurles is now up and running.

Marie Mills is now available for Ayurveda Thurles massage treatments and consultations for Lifestyle, Diet, Yoga and meditation, or a combination of all therapies or just a few.

Working in the lovely rooms of Health and Harmony on Bakers Street, Thurles and The Angel shop, Baker Street, Thurles. Make an appointment, meet Marie and see just how rejuvenating, relaxing and therapeutic the Ayurvedic approach can be.

Consultations can also take place in your own home if you live in the Thurles and surrounding area.

Ayurveda can be a life long support to the busy daily modern life, it has endless tools to reduce stress and excesses, and it can become a cornerstone for wellness for anyone, including young children and teenagers.

What adults, children and teenagers like about Ayurveda is that it gives them plenty of choices.

We can all decide on how we want to eat, and to realise that the better we eat and drink, the better we will feel. But what I found amazing, is that the whole philosophy is not about stopping people from eating or drinking things they like, but offering them the choices, as to what else they could have instead.

Whether you are single, in a relationship, with or without a family, whatever the circumstance that brought you to seek out this post, there is a vast supply of support and balance available to you, just make the call to Marie 086-1778369

Go gently,

By Marie Mills

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