Ayurveda massage treatments

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Marie Mills of Contemporary Ayurveda offers Ayurveda massage treatments and various consultations including skincare and beauty, diet and lifestyle services for external recovery as well as internal relaxation and support.

Here are some of the services offered:

Ayurveda massage and treatments including yoga and meditation, are the application of remedies with the aim to effect a cure or alleviation of the root of the problem, depending on the participation of the client.

Cutting the Root cause from its source, would be the desired effect. The majority of treatments are an open invitation for Stress Management.

Please note: Marie Mills works only with female clients for Ayurveda massage treatments.

Male clients are welcome for Diet, Nutrition, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Ayurvedic Yoga therapy and Yoga classes.

Contemporary Ayurveda work to specific dynamics of the client and should the need arise, I reserve the right to change
pre-arranged treatments to another type more suitable on the day or to re arrange the appointment.

Contemporary Ayurveda reserves the right to define clientele suitability of specific treatments.

Ayurveda Marma therapy massage (Acupressure)
A gentle warm oil massage, with the use of acupressure. Very effective for specific body/mind type difficulties or physical ailments. Marma massage promotes calm in the mind, reduces anxiety, develops correct sleep patterns and alleviates constipation and pain. (powerful results.)

€50 (60 minutes)

Ayurveda Facelift massage ( Unique anti-ageing treatment)
€50(60 minutes)

€60 (incl. exquisite Ayurvedic rose herbal face mask or fruit mask to suit body type; 75 minutes)

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage (most popular.)
A blissfully relaxing full-body oil massage using medicated herbal oils for gently correcting imbalances.
Reduces stress, tones and relaxes muscles, improves immunity, relieves stiffness in the joints, increases energy and vitality, promotes correct flow of the breath, and corrects the flow of the energetics of the whole body,Prana and Apana, (the Life Force and the elimination of toxins). Includes Indian head massage as a part of the massage. This is the best treatment for Stress management. Highly recommended.

€60 (90 minutes)

€50(60 minutes)

Therapeutic Ayurveda back massage
A warmed oil deep pressure massage, may include heat packs, targeting specific problematic areas of the body to help release muscle or nerve pain and joint stiffness.
Includes Indian head massage.
Good for promoting sound sleep and increasing energy levels.

€55(60 minutes) includes neck, shoulders & head

Deha Mardanam STRONG revitalising massage
Strong and accelerated Ayurvedic massage to remove congestion and blockages. Detoxifying, revitalising and lightening, great for sports people. Not for all body types. Highly recommended to remove dullness in the mind and body.
€55 (60 minutes)

Shirodhara, Oleation of the skull, includes head, neck and shoulders massage.
Stress reduction at its best and most simple, a continuous stream of oil running over the head, timing depends on the body mind type/ doshic imbalance. Cannot be done on everyone.
Available now in Thurles!

€ 50 (40 minutes max, but may well be 60 minutes before departing due to recovery time and the clean up.

Ayurvedic lifestyle, Diet and detox diet consultation
Determines any imbalances present that may be affecting your health and well being. Recommendations are presented for lifestyle and nutrition that will help you rectify problems you are experiencing. Some problems as difficult as stress, anxiety, insomnia, skin disorders, depression or excess weight can be alleviated or cured.
Keeping to a simple dietary regime, or Ayurvedic detox program combined with self Ayurvedic massage or yoga practice or relaxation and meditation. You will receive in depth recommendations and continued support.
Initial consultation: €60 (60-75 minutes)
Follow up visits: €45 (45minutes)

Yoga Ayurveda therapy
Education and practical work to develop and integrate yoga postures and relaxation techniques and the combination of nutrition, lifestyle, massage, Yoga and meditation to suit your body type.

Regular practice will bring clarity and focus to the mind while the body will become lighter, toned and energy filled.
Also available as a home visit : expenses extra.
€45 (45 minutes)

Ring Marie to find out further details on any of the treatments, or treatments not listed will be listed soon. 086 1778369

Go gently,

Marie Mills