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Meet your Dosha

Meet your Dosha, but why use Ayurveda medicine with Yoga? Ayurveda guides us to seek practices that are specific to soothe and balance our personal constitution. Ayurveda is very … [More...]

Black and white photo of mens yoga was a man thing of men in Twisted triangle posture in tracksuits and t shirts.

Mens Yoga was a man thing

Mens Yoga was a 'man thing', is now in Thurles on a Monday evening. Click here for times and cost of Yoga for men. Yoga for men is a great option for those new to a Yoga class, it … [More...]

Two children, one in jeans, other in red coat, big brown eys, brown curly hair.

Yoga with children

Yoga with children has been one of my pet loves since my own children were young. I have been teaching Yoga to children for over twelve years now. My own children were the first … [More...]

young person wearing a red checked short sleeve shirt, with computer, on social media,

Social Media vs Yoga

Social media vs Yoga? I feel the challenge for this modern world is to be prepared to be Silent, to be seen in quiet, to try and resist the need to answer that phone call, to … [More...]

Yoga Thurles, mindfulness and postures

Yoga with Marie Mills

  Yoga with Marie is designed, over time, to give each student skills to regularly find relief from the 'busy-ness' and draining effects of modern living.  Yoga with Marie works … [More...]

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Fast food

Kitcharee, fast food that's good for you! This light, nutritious, easily prepared meal, made from split yellow mung dahl or red lentils, is balancing for all body-types. It can … [More...]

Yoga Workshops for Adults in Thurles

Yoga workshops for adults in Thurles is another way to immerse the body and mind into the intracacies of your own stress relief at home and work. I think that people become a bit … [More...]

Ayurveda six tastes

Ayurveda six tastes help us correct body balance and awareness of our nutrition. This is a post follow up from Eating with taste. Here is a little more information - probably too … [More...]

Eating with taste

Eating with Taste ? The science of the Ayurveda six tastes says that every substance and personal constitution is a combination of all or a few of the basic five elements; … [More...]

Ayurveda hair care

This new series of Ayurveda hair care products, has the best result, in my experience, on colour treated hair. Over the last ten years I have been hunting for a product that would … [More...]